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Tax Advisers USA, LLC
Contact Name Benny M. Turner
Address 4655 Woodbine Road
City Pace
State FL
Zip 32571
Phone (850) 995-1797
Fax (850) 995-1737
Email Click here to email.
Notes Tax Advisers USA, LLC provides business development and corporate registration services, bookkeeping and payroll services, and strategic tax planning and tax preparation services for individuals and small to mid-sized companies. We will save you money and time so you can concentrate on your bottom line.

At Tax Advisers USA, LLC, we believe proactive tax planning is the key to keeping more of what you make. Proactive tax planning means scouring your income and expenses for every available deduction, credit, loophole, and opportunity. And we do it without "aggressive" strategies, "gray areas" or "red flags". We help you design a dynamic tax plan using pre-emptive tax-saving strategies, and then help you implement that plan so you actually realize the planned-for savings.

Are you confident you're taking advantage of every tax break you deserve? The world is full of tax preparers who can put the “right” numbers in the right box on the right forms by the right deadlines. But what are they doing to make sure you get all the breaks you deserve? When was the last time your tax preparer came to you and said, "Here's an idea I think will save you money?"

Our tax coaching service gives you a plan for beating the IRS legally. You get business and personal tax consulting throughout the tax year, not just for the period known as the "tax season". This keeps your plan up-to-date based on legislative changes and IRS rulings as they happen.

In addition we will review your last 3 years of tax returns. Your tax pro may be leaving thousands of your dollars on the table. If your doctor said you needed surgery, you'd pay for a second opinion, right? Think of our Tax Relief service as a "second opinion" for your financial health.

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